Functions on Gatsby Cloud

Introducing Functions on Gatsby Cloud

Bring an entire backend to your website, without managing a backend. Build a powerful, dynamic, and scalable website with just a few lines of code.
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Like everything else in the Gatsby universe, your serverless functions are blazing fast to kick-off, responding in just milliseconds.

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Just drop your express-style Node code into the /api folder, and Gatsby Cloud will do the rest - fetching data, processing images, powering forms, and more.

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Functions scale automatically since they are “event-driven”. Only pay for the compute power you use, and use as much as you need.

Build rich web experiences

Bring your site to life

Functions on Gatsby Cloud removes the hassle of maintaining separate infrastructure while allowing you to add dynamic functionality to a Gatsby site. Developers can easily add forms, authentication, email triggers, and more - all with just a few lines of code.

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Functions Use Cases

Extend Gatsby to do anything you can imagine.

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Google Auth

Integrate Google Auth

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Auth0 Function

Integrate Auth0 for Logins

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Basic Form

Send data from a basic form

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Airtable Forms

Send data to an Airtable project

Learn More

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Send SendGrid Email

Trigger emails from SendGrid

Learn More

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Send To Google Sheets

Send and manipulate data from Google Sheets

Learn more

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Text from Twilio

Trigger text messages from Twilio

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Redirect URLs

Continuous and Affordable Scaling

Fit Your Workload

Continuous and Affordable Scaling

Functions on Gatsby Cloud scale perfectly alongside the size of your website’s workload, reducing the cost associated with running traditional servers. Gatsby Cloud handles all the hassle - there is no need to mess around with load balancers, scaling and routing issues, or paying for capacity and compute you’re just not using like other web servers.

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